Chocolate Covered Citrus Peel, Scorzette D’Agrumi Con La Cioccolata

Scorzette, Chocolate Covered Candied Orange Peel

Scorzette, Chocolate Covered Candied Orange Peel


The bitter sweetness of dark chocolate combines delightfully with the tangy sweetness of candied orange and lemon peel, and these chocolates are wonderful as snacks. They are also very nice at the end of a substantial meal, giving those who would be prostrated by a richer dessert a tasty alternative.

They’re easy to make, too, and therefore are an ideal stocking stuffer. Just make a lot, and don’t nibble, because if you do you won’t stuff many stockings. To serve (optimistically) 8:

  •  1 large organically grown, fairly thick-skinned orange
  • 2 large organically grown lemons
  • 2 3/4 cup (600 g) sugar
  • 1/3 pound (150 g) baking chocolate

Wash the fruit and dry it. Cut the orange into 8 sections and remove the skin from the sections without tearing it. Eat the orange (if you want). Peel the lemons the same way. You will now have 24 sections of citrus peel. Cut each one lengthwise into three thinner strips; you can, if you want, also trim away and discard some of the white pith to the inside of the strips.

Put the strips in a small pot with cold water to cover, and bring them to a boil over a brisk flame. Boil them for 30 seconds, and drain them, discarding the water, which will be bitter.

Set the sugar to heat in a saucepan with one cup of water. Stir as it dissolves, and once it has dissolved let it come to a boil without stirring further. When it has become transparent, reduce the heat to a simmer and add the citrus peels. Simmer another 30 seconds without stirring, turn off the burner, and let the peels steep in the syrup for at least 6 hours.

When the time is up, cover a dish with a sheet of aluminum foil. Remove the skin that will have formed on the syrup without stirring the syrup, and remove the strips of peel one at a time, letting them drip dry and putting them on the foil.

Shred the chocolate and heat it over a double boiler. When it is well melted and creamy, dip the strips a bit more than half way into it, it one at a time, and return them to the aluminum foil to cool. When they have cooled transfer them to a more elegant dish and serve.




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Author:Cosa Bolle in Pentola

Italy boasts an astonishing number of varietals, denominations, and wines, and tremendous changes are sweeping the land. New wines are being created, new DOCs are being introduced, and the existing denominations are overhauling their regulations both to reflect the practices adopted by their member wineries and to favor improvements in quality. Even the most staid and stolid region can flower seemingly overnight, emerging with exciting new wines and wineries that require rewriting the enological maps and rethinking one's positions. And, of course, recipes too, because cuisine and wine are closely intertwined and it's difficult to imagine one without the other.


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